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Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9780857837158

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In this beautifully illustrated guide, best-selling author Sally Coulthard demonstrates how to transform your living and working spaces into places that put you in touch with nature.

Eight inspiring chapters cover key elements for the ‘biophilic home’, including materials, views, colour and natural light. Each section explores the links between home, health and happiness, drawing on environmental research and neuroscience while making practical suggestions for bringing the natural world into your home.

Bring nature indoors with flowers and plants, rediscover the innate pleasure of real fires and fresh air, and learn how to improve your mood and sleep patterns with dynamic light. Create a space filled with natural elements, patterns, nature’s colours, fabrics and textures that lift your mood; find out why natural sounds and water are soothing; and learn how to make small changes that will inspire, invigorate and enrich your relationship with the natural world.

‘As best-selling author and designer, Sally Coulthard, reveals in this guide, creating a ‘biophilic home’ can have a huge impact on your wellbeing; improving your mood and encouraging healthier sleep patterns…Be it plants, materials, colour or light, it’s enlightening to see how small changes can make a big difference, while deepening your respect and correlation to the natural world.’ FORBES Magazine

‘How to embrace the natural world by transforming your interior spaces with specific materials, colours, views and sounds.’ Gardens Illustrated

‘Humans are mammals, programmed over millennia to respond to the natural world. We may be able to live and work in man-made environments most of the time. But according to a new movement of “biophilic” designers and enthusiasts, we are not thriving…writer Sally Coulthard likens it to the practice of keeping animals in captivity, in surroundings ill-suited to their needs. “We live in a world that is fundamentally mismatched to our evolutionary adaptation – we don’t see, hear and feel the things that we are programmed to respond to,” she writes.’ Financial Times

‘In this beautifully illustrated hardback, Coulthard explores the many benefits of biophilic design, drawing on environmental and neuroscientific research to uncover the links between home, health and happiness. A fascinating and uplifting read that looks at the science behind feel good furnishings.’
The Independent

‘Never before has the need been greater for being more connected with the natural world, as more and more of us spend longer periods in our own homes. Divided into eight chapters covering key elements for the ‘biophilic home’, including materials, views, colour and natural light, the book explores the links between home, health and happiness. Drawing on environmental research and neuroscience, Sally makes practical suggestions for bringing the natural world into our homes, positively impacting cognitive function, psychological health and general well-being.’ The Lifestyle Editor

‘…bestselling author Sally Coulthard picks out…the easiest ways we can bring nature indoors’ Town and Country House magazine

‘[Sally] recounts how biophilia, the idea that humans are viscerally wired to feel a communion with the natural world, has shifted from a hypothesis espoused by the biologist Edward O. Wilson and others to the emergence of urban beekeeping, increasingly diverse city gardens and wild ideas for residences and workplaces.’ New York Times

‘an excellent book’ 50 Plus Magazine

‘Sally Coulthard’s new book ‘Biophilia’, explains how important the colours of the natural world are for decorating’ Esquire Magazine

‘Biophilia, a new book by Yorkshire author Sally Coulthard, reveals how staying close to nature will make you healthier and happier.’ Yorkshire Post

‘Coulthard explores ways to harmonize home and the natural word. She covers proper lighting, temperature, and airflow; decorating with natural materials; beneficial colors and patterns, and more.’ Publishers Weekly

‘Probably the most beautifully produced book I’ve read for many a year, with such fabulously written text, I have to say it is such a delight to read, you feel like you are holding nature in your hands. Each page brings with it something inspiring, from colour, to light, to sound, to choosing materials, temperature, views, spaces, water and more.’ Argenta Wellness

‘Our senses are wired to seek out the natural world. In author and designer Sally Coulthard’s exploration of organic and natural design, she breaks down how homes can be designed to tap into our fundamental attraction to the outdoors. In addition to techniques that can improve our wellness, Coulthard’s advice can also make interiors feel more like home even as they bring nature inside.’ LX Collection

‘A beautifully illustrated book packed with ideas for bringing the outside inside to your home or workplace.’ Spirituality and Practice

‘North Yorkshire writer Sally Coulthard is your guide to green living in her new book’
Great British Life

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