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Do you feel like your life is out of control? Do you find it hard to make decisions – or get things started? One way to overcome anxiety, indecision or just get going is to ‘do it badly’. Research has shown that constantly seeking reassurance is harmful to self-esteem, so, strange though it may seem, learning to overcome anxiety and indecision by ‘doing it badly’ can help you accomplish more.

Most of the time we’re told to focus on what’s ‘wrong with us’ so we can fix it. But the truth is we already have strengths, and sometimes what we see as a ‘weakness’ in one area of our lives can serve as a strength in another. This is what makes us unique – the bundle of good and bad that we all have.

In Do It Badly, Dr Olivia Remes explains how to harness the power of imperfection in every area of our lives – work, decision-making, love and relationships – so that we can become more resilient and get closer to the life we actually want.