The 2 Meal Day

Burn fat and boost energy through intermittent fasting

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Format Paperback
Published 01 Jun 2017
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In The 2-Meal Day, Max Lowery introduces intermittent fasting – eat just two meals a day, either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner – to burn fat and get fit fast.

Rather than grazing on food all day or having to do complicated calorie calculations for two days of the 5:2 diet, simply eat two meals to lose weight, reduce hunger and feel more energised. Choose your two meals from Max’s delicious, nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes. Start the day with Salmon Mini Frittatas or a Breakfast Burrito; lunch on Thai Green Chicken Curry or Tuna Casserole; enjoy Creamy Mushroom and Parmesan Risotto or Sea Bass Sauce Vierge for Dinner. There are even healthier desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth without over-indulging – choose from Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse or Banana Pancakes. Max shows how to combine your 2-meal day with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – short duration and maximum effort exercises – and resistance workouts to help you drop fat and get fit quickly. So ditch the calorie-counting and the sugar highs and lows and enjoy two meals a day alongside Max’s workouts for a leaner, fitter, healthier body.

Author Information

Max Lowery is a personal trainer and online health coach who trains many high-profile celebrity clients, influencers and tastemakers, including some of the world’s top models. After experimenting with intermittent fasting he developed his own method known as The 2-Meal Day: @max.lowery (Instagram)

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