Melt It

The grilled cheese cookbook

Price £8.99
ISBN 9780857834515
Format Hardback
Published 28 Sep 2017
Size 180 x 135 MM
Pages 64


Who doesn’t love a cheese toastie? Comfort food has never been better than biting into a crunchy, warm, gooey cheese toastie, oozing with your favourite cheesy fillings. Not only are they delicious, cheese toasties are also cheap and wonderfully simple to make. Becks guides you through the best equipment and ingredients to use to ensure your cheese toastie has the perfect initial crunch and stringy, melty inside.

The book is divided into two scrumptious sections; Marvellous Melts for Every Day and Sensational Sandwiches for Special Occasions, giving you plenty of recipes to choose from whether you want minimum effort or maximum creativity. With recipes such as The Brie-l Deal (brie, charred pear and rocket), The Hipster (whipped goat’s cheese, spiced pumpkin and kale) and Banoffee French Toast (brioche, caramel, bananas and mascarpone), there is a recipe to suit your every mood. The perfect gift for any cheese lover, Melt it is bursting with your new favourite toastie recipes.


"Cheese lovers, this one's for you... Shaped like a slice of bread, this book boasts recipes, tips and advice on rustling up all kinds of tempting cheese toasties. There's advice on the best bread to use, as well as recipes for condiments." -- Choice Magazine

Author Information

Becks Wilkinson is a freelance food stylist and chef. She has worked with many wonderful chefs, most recently as Sous Chef for Jamie Oliver and Barbecoa and Fifteen. As well as her work as a food stylist, she also caters weddings, events and supper clubs. And when she’s not working with food, she can be found teaching yoga or covered in glitter and pretending she’s in the circus – something to counteract those cheese toasties.

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