Grow, Cook, Nourish

A kitchen garden companion in 500 recipes

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ISBN 9780857832269
Format Hardback
Published 14 Sep 2017
Pages 640


Growing your own food is exciting but, when it comes to knowing how to make the most of your produce, it can be daunting. In Grow, Cook, Nourish, bestselling author Darina Allen draws on more than 30 years of experience gardening at Ballymaloe to take you through an extensive list of vegetables, herbs and fruits with each entry including explanations of different varieties, practical information on cultivation, growing and maintenance, plus instructions for the best ways to cook produce as well as preserve and utilise a glut.

With more than 500 recipes, including a variety for every ingredient, Darina shows how to use your harvest to its full potential. Vegetables range from annual crops such as chicory, radishes, and kohlrabi to perennials like asparagus and spinach. Fruits cover apples, currants, and peaches plus more the more unusual and interesting myrtle berries, loquats and medlars. Plus a comprehensive list of herbs, edible flowers and foraged foods such as samphire, wild garlic, and blackberries.


'I don't know how Darina Allen does it. The mistress of the comprehensive cookbook has produced her biggest (500 recipes) yet. Grow Cook Nourish, about growing and cooking with fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, is full of interesting, but not faddy, dishes (mackerel gravlax with dill and wasabi mayo; potato and lovage gratin). No matter how many new or recherché ingredients Allen uses, her recipes are grounded and she writes with good sense.' -- Diana Henry, The Telegraph

'This massive 640-page tome from the woman who runs the inspirational Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland is a labour of love. It's the ultimate "grow it (organically), cook it, eat it" companion, packed with advice on nurturing vegetables and fruit from plot to table, as well as 500 wonderful recipes.' --Delicious Magazine

'With her lifelong passion for food and desire to educate people about the proper ways to nourish themselves, it's small wonder that, 20 years on, Darina Allen is still the undisputed doyenne of Irish cooking.' -- Irish Independent

'As knowledgeable about growing as she is about cooking, which is what you'd expect from the founder of the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School in Cork. Each plant is given a section covering best varieties to sow, how to grow and finally what to cook to make the most of your crops (including managing gluts). One for enthusiasts, with as many aspirational crops (kiwi, scorzonera) as basics (onions, beets, leeks) and recipes that will broaden your repertoire. Can't wait to try the Roast Rhubarb Compote.' --SAGA Magazine

'It is a pleasure ... to be confronted with her latest work, a tome of some 600 pages that is a paean to the kitchen garden. Here, in 500 recipes, Allen meanders through vegetables, fruits, herbs, wild and foraged items and edible flowers both common and unusual: okra beds down with potatoes, pomegranates with raspberries.' -- English Garden

Author Information

Darina Allen is Ireland’s best-known food ambassador and the bestselling author of Ballymaloe Cookery Course and Forgotten Skills of Cooking, which won the prestigious André Simon award in 2009. She campaigns for local produce, set up Ireland’s first farmers’ market and is on the board of The Soil Association. She has won many awards including the Guild of Food Writers’ Lifetime Achievement award in 2013.

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