Cracking Yolks & Pig Tales

The lid off life in the kitchen with 110 stunning recipes

Price £17.99
ISBN 9780857834249
Format Paperback
Published 31 Aug 2017
Size 280 x 200 MM
Pages 208


Dishes with names such as Beef Carpaccio with Red Wine Octopus and Sweet and Sour Onions may seem like they belong firmly in the world of classy restaurants, but in this book Glynn Purnell breaks down the kitchen door, sharing his secrets with the home cook - then invites you to stay for the after party. He guides you through an array of dazzling dishes, including Mackerel and Potato Pakoras, Pork Chops with Sauerkraut and Chocolate and Passion Fruit Domes - all using affordable ingredients and accessible methods - in between sharing mischievous anecdotes detailing his exploits with his fellow chefs once the kitchen doors are closed. Illustrated with stunning photography throughout, it'll ensure you never look at a cucumber in the same way again.

‘Glynn is one of the trail blazers of new British cooking. Brilliant, creative and very funny too.’ -- Heston Blumenthal

‘A playful and candid insight into the mind of one of the UK’s most creative chefs [...] packed full of recipes you want to cook, paired with luscious photography.’ -- Guardian

‘Glynn Purnell brilliantly combines culinary sophistication with the flavours of his childhood.’ -- Independent

'Pride of Birmingham and TV chef Glynn Purnell shares the secrets of some of his witty and elegant Michelin-starred dishes. From One-Pot Pollack with Chorizo, Butter Beans and Goats' Cheese to Haddock, Eggs and Cornflakes, even his trickiest dishes are explained with refreshing simplicity.' -- ShortList Magazine

'Is it possible to cook fine-dining dishes at home? Without a doubt [...] and these beautiful, creative recipes prove it. The best thing is, they can all be made in advance, so your guests will be wowed by your calm as well as your cooking skills.' --Delicious Magazine

'One of Birmingham's best chefs Glynn Purnell has finally written his first cookbook and it's a huge success. His imaginative recipes stand side by side with anecdotes from the kitchen, childhood memories and it really brings to life what it's like to be a professional chef. The dishes look amazing and the recipes will teach you new techniques, but what really sets them apart is Glynn's playfulness with food - a lot of the intricate, delicious things on the plate are made to look like retro sweets, onion rings or even OXO cubes.' -- Great British Food

'Purnell's writing style is refreshingly like the man himself: down-to-earth and engaging - even when he's telling you to blowtorch a lettuce leaf.' -- Square Meal Lifestyle

'Bold, brash and more than a little brilliant, Michelin-starred chef Glynn Purnell is bang on form in Cracking Yolks and Pig Tales, blending the best of British with perfectionist presentation.' --Food & Travel

Author Information

Glynn Purnell started his career doing work experience at the Metropole Hotel. Since then, he has worked with various notable chefs, including two star Michelin chef Claude Bosi who he regards as his mentor. Whilst Head Chef at Jessica's, he was awarded Birmingham's first ever Michelin star. He has successfully made the transition into television and has taken part in the Great British Menu, winning twice and then appearing as a mentor.

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