Sourdough Stollen

This is my version of a traditional stollen. The dough is light, sweet and airy, and packed with delicious fruit and cubes of marzipan. This is a good bake to make to share with a crowd, as stollen doesn’t keep for long once made.

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How To Make A...

Much of the flavour in this stock is derived from the roasting of the bones. All the ingredients are available in butchers and supermarkets, although you may need to order the marrow bones in advance. Even though the total cooking time – 12 hours – for this timeless classic is lengthy, the actual preparation time is minimal, leaving you free to get on with your day.

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These buns are my take on the delicious sweet buns I have enjoyed in Scandinavia. They make a very special breakfast – I like to make them on Christmas Day and birthdays – or they are delicious served with coffee.

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