Gluten Free...

The new edition of Phil Vickery's hugely successful Seriously Good Gluten Free Cooking is out today.
Here's the blueberry cheesecake bar to get you started

1 quantity Orange and Lime Shortbread...

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6 Reasons Why...

Ditching sugar is possibly the most important principle of the Clean and Lean diet. It makes you look older and feel fat, tired and sick and it’s one of the first things I tell a client to remove from their diet. Here’s why.

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So here’s my recipe for sourdough, and for me it’s the one recipe that my kitchen life happily revolves around. It produces a loaf with a crisp, crackling crust, an extraordinary aroma in the crumb, and when sliced and served it’s the thing that will get you the most praise. My family loves it, my friends are always impressed when I place the loaf on the table, and my hope is that it will be a recipe that brings you the pleasure it brings me. And most importantly, it’s the cornerstone for me in sustainable and ethical living. It helps to support local farmers and millers, and it avoids using commercial yeast where the production relies on petrochemical by-products. You nurture the starter at home, you make it slowly so the flavour is as rich as it can be, and with your hands and simple ingredients you craft a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread.

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