Greek Lemon...

Taken from Around the World in Salads by Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi. Image by Helen Cathcart.

Sometimes we feel like a substantial salad that is a meal in itself with all the elements of good food...

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I use a waffle iron purpose-built for the job, but if you do not have one you can use small blini pans or even a large frying pan, and spoon in the mix a bit like you would do for drop scones.

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Stilton And...

Stilton is not exactly your classic grilling cheese, but it’s one of our proudest British cheeses and it’s funky and terrific paired with rich, buttery brioche. Give it a chance! Let’s talk grilled cheese basics, because no matter what kind of cheese or bread you use, the procedure is going to be the same. The biggest mistake people make with grilled cheese is getting the pan too hot, which means the bread burns before everything inside turns warm and gooey. Keep the heat low and slow. Along the same lines, if you get greedy and pile the cheese on too heavily, it won’t melt through; 3–6mm in thickness is ideal. When it comes to bread, the softer the better, and don’t use anything with bits of whole grain, nuts, or fruits, all of which will burn. Always spread the outside of the bread with soft butter, which is key to achieving that crisp, golden exterior.

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